1. From the archives: A photo of Get The Hell Out Of The Way Of The Volcano (Khaela Maricich who would later become The Blow) performing at our weird rogue festival called “Rock & Roll, Pee My Pants”, July 1999, in Olympia, Wash.  This took place under the drive-through bank cover across from the old K building, an extension cord coming through the window to facilitate it all.

    In the audience you can see some notable faces:  Jean Smith (Mecca Mormal), Miranda July, Nikki McClure, my old car, Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly, Marine Research), Ian MacKaye (Evens, Fugazi, Minor Threat), Mirah (Mirah), Amber Bell, others legendary and unknown.

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    From the archives: A photo of Get The Hell Out Of The Way Of The Volcano (Khaela Maricich who would later become The...
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    buncha nobodies hanging outside nick luempert’s studio
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